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What are your hours?

Monday Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

RANGE CLOSES 15 Minutes prior to daily closing time

What does it cost to shoot on the Range?

15 Min 1 person $11, 2 ppl $14

30 Min 1 person $14, 2 ppl $17, 3 ppl $22

45 Min 1 person $18, 2 ppl $23, 3 ppl $28

60 Min 1 person $22, 2 ppl $27, 3 ppl $32

What Caliber can I shoot there?

Anything up to a 50 BMG.

What kind of ammunition do you allow?

We allow; brass and steel casings.  NO ARMOR Piercing or military colored tips, as well a NO Aluminum casings.  NO Tracer rounds.

 What type of firearms do you allow at your range?

We allow Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. 

Do you provide Training classes?

 Yes.  Please see our Training Tab for the list, descriptions, Cost and dates.

What age do you allow to shoot?

Ages 17 and under must be accompanied by a responsible paying adult on the range at all times and are required to sign a safety waiver. Ages 16 and under shoot free with a responsible paying adult. If you are comfortable with them shooting, we are happy to help educate. 

How do I reserve a Lane?

We are open to the Public First come First Serve. Reservations are open to Members Only, go to Gunrange/book a lane to reserve if you are a member.


For packages or groups larger than 6, please call the range at 616-371- SHOT (7468) or email 

Is there an age requirement for classes?

Our classes are open to all ages.  As a parent, please ensure your youth is capable of sitting in the class for the duration of instruction. 

Do you do FFL Transfers?

Yes we are happy to assist in FFL Transfers.  Our fee is $35 with an additional fee for multiple firearms.  Please email for assistance with transfers.

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